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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Trip to NY

My trip to New York was planned around a surprise baby shower for my friend Stephanie. I have known Steph for 17 years so no matter what, I wanted to be there. Harper and I had a surprisingly smooth flight up. Billy was kind enough to leave work and come get us. We had a relaxing afternoon, followed by a seriously delicious dinner (thank you mom!), followed by one of my all time favorite activities - sitting around a kitchen table with family, drinking a glass of wine, and talking. That was great. And after 9 months so far away, I was ready for it!
Mom and I went to the shower Saturday afternoon along with a college friend of mine. It was a sunny glorious day and there was a big yard for Harper to play in so I couldn’t have asked for more. The only sketchy moment was when Harper got stung by a bee! His little baby finger was pink and swollen. He only cried for a minute or so and after the swelling went down I was relived to think we may be able to cross bee-allergy off the list. A few hours later, Leah arrived at the shower with Emma and Jack. I was so excited for them to arrive. Hugs and smiles, hugs and smiles…By Saturday night, all nine of us were under one roof. I was so exhausted, not to mention Leah who had worked all day, drove three hours, and socialized at a baby shower!!! Anyway, Harper was asleep so I just collapsed on the couch.
With three moms in one house, we spent the much of Sunday morning celebrating. We made a yummy eggs benedict brunch, hot coffee, and cold mimosas. Yes please! Later on, Louise, Jill, Jordan, and Quinn joined us. Wow, now that’s 5 mamas under one roof. We had a great time. The kids jumped themselves silly on the trampoline and although Harper was being a total mama bug, he did get some good one-on-one time with Roux (sorry Louise, I forgot the correct spelling). Hey Mom, we forgot to take an “after” picture of us in the kitchen with Louise and Jill…Next time. So, Sunday night was another home-run dinner (thank you mom!) followed by a little r&r. Boy was I going to need it because on Monday things went south. First I had to say good bye to everyone and then my 1st plane was delayed out of Newburg. I hung out with Harper in the airport. My flight home consisted of 3 planes and because the first plane was delayed there was a good chance that I would miss my second or third plane. If I had checked any of my luggage it would be gone for sure. So there I was carrying around a baby, car seat, pack-N-Play, back pack, and diaper bag. Umm….no, I didn’t need that vertebrae! Ok, so I got on that first delayed plane which landed 30 minutes after my second plane took off. No biggie, I just had to wait 2 hours in the airport lugging around a baby, car seat, pack-N-play, etc, until the next plane to Charlotte left. Unfortunately, that flight put me in Charlotte 2 minutes after my flight to Athens left. I was SO determined to make that flight to Athens though. I thought if the plane landed early (which it did) I could run and make it. I HAD to make it because if not, there wasn’t another flight to Athens until the next day. Some check-in lady told me I would never make it and I immediately burst in to tears. What a jerk. But at least some man near by felt bad for me and offered to carry my car seat and pack-N-play. To make a long story a little shorter, I never caught that plane to Athens. I got to the gate 10 min before departure and they wouldn’t let me on because the door of the plane was already closed. I begged and cried and that mean lady wouldn’t let me on. She informed me that they had paged me two times before they closed the airplane door. I told her that I didn’t hear the page because I was 35,000 feet in the air!!!! I figured Karma would surly get her for stranding me and my baby in the airport. The only option was for us to catch a flight to Atlanta 4 hours later. Reluctantly I took it which meant Josh would have to drive an hour and a half in the middle of the night to come get us. Fortunately, since this was the final leg of my journey I was finally able to check my luggage. Even though I checked the bigger items I was still quite a sight with a baby bjorned to my stomach, a big ol’ backpack strapped to my back and a bulging diaper baby slung across the whole mess. Can you believe that when we finally arrived at the Atlanta airport, which is a tremendous facility, the train that is supposed to take us to baggage claim was BROKEN! The walk felt like a mile although it was probably only nine tenths. But, I must say I met so many nice and helpful people during my journey home. I couldn’t have done it with out them. So it was a bit of an adventurous ending to a wonderful trip, we are home safe and sound and looking forward to our next trip up this summer.


Blogger Leah said...

I'm glad you remembered to take some pictures of adults. I always forget that.... I would like to find out what Karma has in store for all the people who either helped you, or didn't. What a crazy trip!! I'm sooooo glad that you came though. I can never get enough of seeing Harper- or you.

May 25, 2006 3:56 PM  
Blogger Leah said...

Mamasita, you look beautiful!!!

May 25, 2006 8:35 PM  

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