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Sunday, April 30, 2006

keeping up

Found the site again, gave up last night but refreshed this AM, for now anyway. This looks totally different than when I posted the first time so don't know how this will work. Will try to send a picture but all that I have onDustin's laptop (which I am using) are pictures of Kai. Hopefully I can send the ones of Dustin aka Hannibal Lecter receiving radiation.
As far as travel,If there are places you want to go, Louise, you should try to do it. Daddy credo was to go for it, do, experience what you want. He certainly knew that life was precious with no guarantees. Luckily Dustin and I did do a lot before he was sick and are still planning and hopeful that we can continue to travel see and do more. Just do it.
Picures were easy, it's finding the blog site that I bfind difficult. Should get easier and Edward is right, Leah, great idea but where are your pictures?


Blogger Leah said...

hi Joyce
My pics are on the bottom of the first page you see, under the "Happy in Georgia title". It can be hard to find the blog sometimes- I don't know why. I bookmarked the site on my computer, so I just click on the bookmark and it brings me here. I don't know if thats a Mac thing or not, I have a mac, which makes things tricky with blogger sometimes. I checked out the free software that Edward uses to post pics, but you can only use it with widows I think.... so maybe you could use it for easy posting?
Oh, and thanks for posting the radiation pics, I didn't know what it was like.... thats really great tthat they offer a nurse to help you. I did the whole hypnobirthing thing, and it made such a diference. It really does matter what you think about your situation.

April 30, 2006 4:24 PM  
Blogger Joyce said...

I didn't have any trouble finding the site, now it is learning how to navigate it. I happened to notice the 1 comment and found your response. Now I learned something else. Not easy being an older student but good to stretch myself. Thanks. Today at radiation I worked with the nurse on providing therapeutic touch. I love it and Dustin is the skeptic but I will work on him. Hope to get to see you sometime. If I could I would post this to your blog but having trouble getting off this part of the site.

May 02, 2006 5:46 PM  

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